Almost everyone will experience acne to some degree in their lifetime.  In fact, acne is the number one reason for visiting the dermatologist.  These realities have not gone unnoticed by corporate interests seeking to serve this very large demographic to satisfy an overwhelming demand for effective solutions.

You’ve probably heard of or even used various acne kits and packaged programs offering regimens such as 3 easy steps or acne treatment routines or 4 step treatment kits to name a few. These all-in-one solutions can often satisfy the strong desire of acne sufferers to get started on treatment by making it simple and convenient.

Many patients subscribe to these offerings and use them in earnest in an attempt to begin the process of healing their breakouts.  For some with acne-prone skin or very mild acne, these treatment kits and multi-step solutions may be helpful to variable degrees.

Some consumers are very happy with their results and continue to use these treatment systems for long periods of time.  Others, however, are not as fortunate.  As with any treatment, whether by prescription or over-the-counter, if it is not the optimal treatment plan for their particular circumstance it will not be successful.

At the Advanced Acne Institute, many patients come to see us after they have tried and failed to achieve good results with a variety of acne-treatment-in-a-box solutions.  So why do some patients do well while others are unsuccessful with these prepackaged treatments?  How do you know if one of these off-the-shelf solutions is right for you?

These are important questions because it is very tempting for an acne sufferer to hear about a new product or see amazing before-and-after photos of acne sufferers who have achieved great results with XYZ product and rush to get started in hopes of achieving the same miraculous results for themselves.

Before making the decision to try one of these promoted solutions, however, take a step back and consider your individual circumstance.   Are you simply seeking a functional acne skin care routine?  Are you looking for something to supplement an existing treatment?  Are you new to the world of acne and eager to get started with something?  Anything?  These are all important questions to ask yourself before deciding on the best approach to treatment.

While most of the readily available acne kits and online acne treatment programs can have some utility, they should not be viewed as having magical properties that will quickly cure your acne.  The same goes for any acne treatment, even prescription therapies.  This is because acne treatment is not one-size-fits-all.

Treatment must be individualized for your particular circumstance and individual concerns.  For example, some acne sufferers, even if their acne breakouts are very minimal, may still experience very significant effects on their quality of life and may need a more aggressive therapy than someone who is not as affected by his or her acne.

Nevertheless, those with mild breakouts may find success in a less intensive treatment protocol whereas those with large cystic breakouts will likely need a more intensive intervention.

Some acne treatment programs understand the unique needs of each individual acne sufferer and they attempt to personalize each acne kit that is dispensed.  Usually this is accomplished by requesting photographs or surveys that are used to dispense an acne treatment kit that more closely fits each individual circumstance.

While the concept is good, this does not guarantee an effective result.  Optimal acne treatment often requires communication between the acne sufferer and the treating practitioner.  The physical presentation of acne as well as the emotional consequences that it may be causing must both be conveyed to the acne treatment professional in order to develop the most effective acne treatment plan.

Furthermore, the most effective prescription therapies usually require consistent office visits, whether virtual or in person, in order to develop a safe and effective treatment plan.  Some treatments even require blood testing and face-to-face interactions to ensure a safe and productive process.

That is not to say that a visit to a dermatologist will automatically lead to rapid results.  Many acne sufferers end up visiting multiple dermatologists before finding success, as not all dermatologists focus on acne treatment.  Identifying an acne expert can help to optimize one’s quest for effective therapy.

It should be noted that using an acne kit and seeking treatment with a dermatologist are not necessarily mutually exclusive.  For some who like the skin care routine of their acne kit but still need more intensive treatment with a dermatologist, the two treatments can often be used together as long as they are suited for use in combination as determined by the dermatology provider.

Ultimately, when deciding whether to use one or more pre-packaged acne treatment kits, be sure to consider your treatment goals and the likelihood of achieving them with a less personalized, mass-marketed treatment option or if you might have a better outcome if you seek consolation with an acne treatment expert to help guide you toward a greater chance of success.

The Advanced Acne Institute is a unique dermatology practice located in Miami, Florida specializing only in the treatment of acne.   We focus solely on providing the most effective treatments to help our patients achieve clear skin.

We are pleased to share our insights and perspectives in acne treatment as an educational service, however this information is provided strictly for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice and is not a substitute for seeking the advice and treatment by an appropriate medical professional.


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