Now offering Telemedicine in
Florida, New York and North Carolina.

We are the ONLY dermatologist in
Florida that ONLY treats Acne.

We serve patients all over Florida, New York and North Carolina using telemedicine.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you get the results you want from acne treatment no matter where in the state you live!

The Advanced Acne Institute is proud to be a leader in the growing field of telemedicine.  Since 2019, we have been offering our patients a digital telemedicine option.

This telemedicine service for acne is a big convenience for patients who have to travel far distances or who have other competing commitments such as school or work that made it difficult for them to schedule an in-office appointment.

Using our telemedicine platform, patients can access our world-class acne treatment from the comfort and convenience of their home or office.  Continue reading this page to learn how it works, and then contact us to request a telemedicine appointment.

How our Acne Telemedicine Service Works

Our service involves the use of digital devices such as a cell phone or tablet or computer to interact with our office through a real-time audio and video connection.   Because the visit is virtual, patients from anywhere in Florida can receive treatment without being limited by distance or travel.

What can I expect during my acne telemedicine appointment?

A telemedicine appointment is very much like a conventional in-office visit except you and your doctor are interacting through a virtual connection instead.

You will both still see each other in real-time and communicate just as you would if you were in the physical office.  You can think of telemedicine appointments as visiting with us in our virtual office.

You will have as much time as you need to ask questions and speak with the doctor with any concerns about your treatment.  Your doctor will also be able to see and monitor your progress through real-time video as well as photographs that can be uploaded into the portal.  Depending on your access, photographs can be taken using your smartphone or using a dedicated camera for high resolution.  Our team will work with you to ensure that you provide adequate images.

How can I schedule a telemedicine appointment?

Appointments are scheduled in advance by contacting our main appointment line or filling out the form on our website, the same as scheduling an in-office visit.  However, because the visits are virtual, our appointment times for are very flexible and can accommodate even the busiest schedules.

Do I have to live far away to schedule a telemedicine appointment?

No.  Any new or established patient can schedule a virtual appointment.  We understand that daily commitments can make it difficult to schedule in-office visits for many patients.

Also, because of the limitations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, telemedicine appointments provide an opportunity to receive needed care while complying with governmental advisories and restrictions.  Your doctor will inform you if an in-office visit is more appropriate or necessary for your individual circumstance.

Is telemedicine private and secure?

Our telemedicine platform utilizes a HIPPA-compliant secure program that permits communication through an audiovisual connection.  A record of your visit is maintained in the same way as an in-office encounter.