Another treatment option that can be combined with other therapies or used by itself is a light-based treatment called Blue Light therapy. Blue Light works by killing the bacteria within acne-prone pores and is thought to offer a degree of anti-inflammatory effects.

Patients with active pimples can experience different amounts of improvement.

At the AAI, we often use Blue Light in combination with other treatments for this type of acne to achieve best results. However we have many patients who experience very good acne control with Blue Light used by itself.

Many patients and parents like the safety and ease of use of Blue Light and often select this treatment as an initial intervention before considering more intensive treatments.

At the Advanced Acne Institute in South Miami, Blue Light treatment simply requires the patient to come into the office and sit in front of the blue light apparatus for a prescribed period of time once or twice per week.

The minimum duration of treatment is approximately 10 weeks, depending on the overall treatment program. The process can be repeated as needed. The blue light is not hot or painful and there is no down time so patients can resume all of their activities immediately after treatment.