Tips on How to Leverage your Fashionable Style to Divert Attention Away from Problem Skin

We’ve all been there.  Doing everything we can to make a good first impression.  Whether it’s for a job interview, attending a new school or meeting other guests at a party, we want to look our best.

Of all the occasions in our lives when we want to really shine, few are more important than going on a first date when we’re trying our very best to impress our romantic prospect.

Enter acne.  Of all of the things that could sabotage one’s self confidence, acne is certainly a major obstacle.  Depending on how noticeable your breakouts are, acne can really get in the way!  So what to do?  How can you lessen the impact of acne breakouts on what could otherwise be a perfect evening?

Well, the good news is that there are quite a few things that you can do.

First and foremost, it is important to maintain a positive attitude.  Nothing is a greater turn-off than projecting negativity. And likewise, few things can be as enticing and captivating as an engaging and upbeat first-date partner exuding positive energy.

That’s not to say, however, that one’s physical appearance is not an issue.  Of course it can be, especially for first-time couples with no prior connection or history to fall back on.  Your physical appearance is the first thing that your partner will notice about you. So it’s up to you to take the initiative and present yourself the way you want to be seen, as in your overall presence, in both a physical and intangible sense.  Your first impression.

No doubt that can be a real challenge, especially with a set of new acne breakouts staring at you in the mirror the day before the big day!  Nevertheless, there are some effective maneuvers that you can use to take back control and set the stage for an enjoyable dating encounter.

Inside Out

Before primping and focusing on your physical appearance, it’s important to take an inside-out approach. That is, pay attention to your emotional state and reinforce your inner-self before turning outward.  How you feel about yourself sets the tone for how people will “see” you to a greater extent than how you look physically.

I know.  It’s easier said than done.  You’re thinking “How can I feel confident when my problem skin betrays me at every turn?

For starters, focus on your strengths and take stock in your personal attributes.   Shift attention away from how you perceive your outward appearance, including your acne breakouts, and turn inward to bolster and reinforce who you are inside.

This will pay many dividends along the way in your dating pursuits as your partners “see” you in the way that you want to be “seen.”  The more you build up your intangible attributes, the less impact the tangible will make.

Turn-the Tables on Your Imperfect Complexion

As you work on your inner-self and learn to project confidence from within, there are effective ways to leverage your physical self to turn-the-tables on your imperfect complexion.  These tips and tricks can help you create the positive first impression that you want to present.

For example, try deflecting attention away from your acne onto a strategically placed accessory, such as a pair of sparkling earrings, an eye-drawing necklace or a beautiful, well-placed eye-catching scarf.

Likewise, wardrobe choices can be key and should be selected on purpose, not as a last-minute afterthought.  It goes without saying that a V-neck is probably not the best choice if you have acne on your chest.  But don’t forego the latest “with-it” fashion just because you’re focused on a recent breakout.  Embrace your fashion sense and show off your style so your date can see the real you!

Admittedly, you may feel less than enthusiastic to wear fashionable attire given your blemishes that can distract from the brilliance of your otherwise in-style “tude.”  However, you can turn the dynamics around and let your style steal thunder away from any breakouts attempting to divert your date’s attention.

One time-tested fashion statement to set the tone for your night out is right under your feet.

I’m referring to a pair of new shoes.  Yes, shoes, as in footwear.  This is often a missed opportunity given the positive statement you can make by donning a pair of stylish new shoes that can set the tone as you walk into the room to meet your awaiting date.

Many daters overlook this simple reality, not realizing how their choice in footwear communicates a lot about them to their prospective dating partner.   What would your first impression be if your first date chose to wear shoes with scuff marks or that were obviously a pair that received everyday use.  Wouldn’t you be more pleased if your dating prospect placed more effort into selecting a choice in shoes that were more appropriate for this impression-making occasion?

Bottom line, it’s a given that when it comes to a stylish pair of shoes, they always notice.  And the right pair of foot attire says a lot about you.  It shows that you care about how you look which is a definite turn-on to a discerning new partner.  And this can pique your date’s interest and desire to know more about you.

I hope you’re putting the pieces together by now and that you’re beginning to appreciate how transformative these fashion maneuvers can be to set the tone for a great first impression.

Seek Effective Treatment

So let’s now circle back to the original issue at hand.  Acne.  The word alone can spark a lot of intense feelings and painful memories for those who are afflicted.  While the dating tips mentioned in this blog post are certainly helpful, it’s also important to focus on the condition itself to finally achieve clear skin.

Since the subject of this post is on acne and dating, it is important to mention one important tool that has helped many acne sufferers experiencing an unwelcome pimple the day before their big day. I’m referring to an acne injection.  This is a tiny cortisone shot directly into the pimple which can often cause the unwelcome visitor to shrink away, sometimes overnight.

That is not to say that acne injections are acne “cures.”  They are not.  But they are very useful in treating acne when a large pimple or painful cyst pops up, especially before an important social event.

Aside from the less permanent effects of acne injections, the good news is that there are effective long-term treatments available.  Try to tune out the noise of advertisers and marketers attempting to get your attention to purchase any number of products that they “promise” will deliver an acne-free complexion.

The best way to achieve your goal is to visit a dermatologist specializing in acne treatment.  This is an important step in the right direction in your pursuit of clear skin once and for all.

Thank you for reading our content.  The Advanced Acne Institute is a unique dermatology practice located in Miami, Florida specializing only in the treatment of acne.   We focus solely on providing the most effective treatments to help our patients achieve clear skin.  We are pleased to share our insights and perspectives in acne treatment as an educational service, however this information is provided strictly for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice and is not a substitute for seeking the advice and treatment by an appropriate medical professional.

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