As if having acne weren’t frustrating enough, trying to determine which is the best acne treatment for you can be an even greater source of frustration. Not only are there many different acne treatments to choose from, there are so many so-called “acne experts” out there that confuse the issue even further. Television or Cable TV commercials broadcast large numbers of “the best acne treatment” systems that promise to cure even the most severe forms of acne… without a prescription!

Then there are skin care specialists who swear that acne treatments such as facials or peels or masks or scrubs, etc. are the best way to treat acne and will solve a persons acne problem. Then there are the pediatricians and other primary care doctors that are quick to prescribe one prescription cream or another without consideration of the actual severity of acne that is being treated. And finally, many dermatologists often dismiss acne patients with the same prescription, usually a topical medication, for every patient.

No wonder that acne patients become overwhelmed and frustrated!

So what should you do? How do you decide what the best treatment for your type of acne really is? How do you cut through all the noise out there and identify the really effective treatments from those that have little or no chance of working?

Well, it’s not that simple… without the right help. So here’s some help from the Advanced Acne Institute. We understand just how frustrating acne can be and we want to offer our assistance to help you find the best acne treatment for you.

Firstly, all acne is not the same, so the best acne treatment will be different for each type of breakout. It seems pretty obvious that one product or prescription is not likely to work for all forms of acne.

Despite the marketing promises of so many acne treatment systems on television or cable, their promises are simply far-fetched. Do you really think that someone with severe cystic acne with horrible scarring that didn’t respond to prescription treatment will really miraculously achieve completely clear skin just by using one of the advertised washes or creams?

Come on, we all know better than that! But these companies prey on the frustration of acne sufferers. So the bottom line is that some of these over-the-counter treatments can offer some help but are highly unlikely to provide the type of results that they promise.

In our next blog post we’ll discuss acne treatment options in more detail.

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