Let’s recap from our last blog post. We discussed how Hydrating Base™ is an important component of the Rotational Therapy™ acne treatment system. We reviewed how Hydrating Base incorporates both humectant and emollient properties. Both of these activities complement each other and serve to optimally calm the skin surface.

Here, let’s discuss how to use Hydrating Base for optimal effect. Because Hydrating Base is able to soothe the skin surface while helping it to hold on to moisture, it is a very effective skin surface conditioner. In addition to maintaining adequate hydration within the skin, Hydrating Base is also very effective for conditioning acne-prone skin to resist the harsh effects of many topical therapies.

Some of the therapies that are very common causes of skin surface irritation include retinoids. Retinoids are commonly used medications in the treatment of acne. The retinoid family includes a variety of medications such as tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene. They can all cause significant dryness and redness of the skin. Because of these harsh side effects, many patients become very frustrated and just stop using them.

At the Advance Acne institute, our acne doctors are very focused on the harsh effects of retinoids and other topical medications. Our patients are given clear instructions on how to prevent the harsh side effects. One of the ways we decrease the skin irritation is to prescribe these types of medications to be used every third day, at first. After some time elapses, patients can begin to increase the frequency of use to every other day. If they are still doing well without any irritation, then they are instructed to advance the treatment to everyday application.

Here is where the Hydrating Base comes in. Our doctors recommend applying it just before applying one of the harsh medications. This conditions the skin surface to resist the irritation of these prescriptions. Patients are also advised to reapply Hydrating Base again twelve hours later. If needed, they can apply the Hydrating Base even more frequently.

Hydrating Base is formulated without irritating or acne-causing ingredients and is fragrance-free to reduce the chance of sensitivity. It provides a very effective barrier protection. Hydrating Base is an indispensable part of acne treatment at the Advanced Acne Institute.

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