Today’s blog post will highlight the newly formulated Hydrating Base component of Rotational Therapy. To begin, let’s summarize Rotational Therapy. The Rotational Therapy acne treatment system is an innovative and advanced acne regimen that was developed at the Advanced Acne Institute to address the shortcomings of existing treatments. It incorporates a rotating regimen of medicated wash-off therapies centered around a potent skin conditioning treatment. The medicated washes target acne breakouts on multiple levels while the skin conditioner maintains the skin barrier to prevent dryness or irritation.

Let’s discuss how the Hydrating Base works in more detail. The important thing to understand about acne breakouts is that they are very inflammatory and can begin to break down the skin barrier. The continual pimples and inflammation within the skin can fundamentally alter the skin’s ability to heal and repair itself. One of the most important ways to improve healing of acne lesions is to maintain a very effective skin barrier. Let’s examine this a bit more.

The skin is composed of different layers, each with its own function. The surface of the skin contains various molecules that help the skin to serve its role as a protective covering for the body. When the skin surface becomes irritated and inflamed, the normal structure of the skin surface becomes altered and no longer is able to optimally protect the body. Also, when the normal structure of the skin’s surface barrier breaks down, the skin reacts by becoming red and inflamed.

Now, there are many reasons that the surface of the skin can become compromised. External factors such as harsh acne creams or gels are a frequent source of skin surface breakdown. Many patients who come to the Advanced Acne Institute have often been treated by previous doctors with topical medications that are very harsh at the skin surface. They often irritate the skin which leads to redness, dryness and discomfort. These conditions usually lead to noncompliance with treatment. Patients just stop using the topical medication because it becomes too uncomfortable.

At the Advanced Acne Institute, we understand how this happens and our acne doctors are very careful not to prescribe treatments that will lead to significant irritation. This is one of the considerations that went into the development of Rotational Therapy acne treatment system. Rotational Therapy consists of high grade ingredients that are effective against acne, yet gentle on the skin surface. Also, the rotational-based regimen helps to prevent significant skin border interruption.

One of the most important components of Rotational Therapy is Hydrating Base. The Hydrating Base component of Rotational Therapy is formulated to provide optimal soothing and calming of the skin surface. Its combined emollient and humectant properties help to hydrate and condition the skin border and prevent inflammation. It also helps the skin to repair and heal itself after harsh insults, such as those from a variety of acne mediations. Our patients love the effects and are careful never to be caught without the Hydrating Base regimen.

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