At the Advanced Acne Institute we are continuously innovating and advancing our treatment strategies. We’d like to announce our newly reformulated Hydrating Base™, part of our Rotational Therapy Acne Treatment System. The new formulation has greater moisturizing and conditioning properties to help hydrate and calm acne-prone skin. The new formulation remains oil-free and noncomedogenic or acne-safe. In addition, we’ve replaced the pump bottle with a jar in order to easily allow access to every drop of Hydrating Base.

Our patients have spoken and are providing very positive reviews for the new formulation. The greater soothing properties are especially relied upon by our patients with moderate to severe acne who depend on Hydrating Base to keep their skin under control. The new fragrance-free formula leaves the skin surface feeling soft and moist without the heaviness of conventional moisturizers.

Rotational Therapy Targets Acne Through Different Acne-Fighting Ingredients

Rotational Therapy is a highly successful acne treatment system that serves a central role in patient care at the Advanced Acne Institute. The rotational regimen allows targeting of acne through different proven acne-fighting ingredients. Unlike other systems that incorporate active ingredients in a harsh base, Rotational Therapy is composed of gentle compounds that help the skin to resist dryness and irritation.

The Rotational Therapy acne treatment system includes B-Clenz™, which incorporates an optimal concentration of benzoyl peroxide. B-Clenz is applied to the acne-prone areas twice daily on Monday through Friday. After massaging into the skin and leaving on for one to one and a half minutes, B-Clenz is then washed off in the sink or the shower. B-Clenz works by killing acne bacteria and works to clear acne-prone pores.

Saliclenz is a second component of the Rotational Therapy system. Like B-Clenz, Saliclenz is massaged into the skin twice daily and washed off after one to one and a half minutes. It is used only on Saturday and Sunday. Saliclenz works by helping to exfoliate cell buildup on the skin surface and deep within the acne-prone pores.

Rotational Therapy Acne Treatment System

The final arm of the Rotational Therapy acne treatment system and a central factor in the system is the Hydrating Base. Hydrating Base is designed to effectively hydrate and condition the skin surface to protect the barrier from the harsh effects of acne-induced inflammation as well as from the drying effects of surface treatments for acne. Hydrating Base balances B-Clenz and Saliclenz to support their therapeutic actions without compromising the skin surface barrier.

The Advanced Acne Institute is dedicated to continued innovation such as our newly formulated Hydrating Base. We continue to explore optimized treatment options for acne and look forward to introducing additional new therapies in the future.

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