A variety of stress-reduction techniques can be used to achieve physical and psychological balance. Exercise can be an effective way to manage stress. A relaxing walk, bike ride or jog are some of the standard ways of minimizing stress.

When the body is in optimal physical condition, it is less vulnerable to periods of stress. Whichever exercise routine you select, it should be followed consistently to achieve the maximal benefit.

Conditioning your body is a life-long pursuit and cannot be expected to work well if attempted on an occasional basis. Also, be sure to choose an activity that you can follow all year round.

If you live in a location where climate will prevent you from enjoying out door activities in the winter, then you may want to rotate exercise routines between two or more options as the weather permits. If you are not sure where to begin or which type of exercise program is right for you, enlist the help of a personal trainer to get started.

Always obtain approval from your general medical doctor before starting a vigorous exercise program.

Another stress reduction technique is Art Relaxation Therapy. Even for those who are not artistically inclined, this form of therapy is surprisingly flexible and adaptable.

You can choose from innumerable artistic media, such as painting, drawing, clay molding, papier mache, water colors, decoupage, etc. Crafts are also included in this form of relaxation.

Whether you enjoy scrap booking or woodworking, you can embrace these enjoyable activities as ways to achieve internal peace and relaxation. Remember, the goal is not to win international acclaim. You are simply working at something that you enjoy in order to re-set your internal stress thermostat.

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